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Rated by 4.9/5 by 13092 Happy Customers



stay toasty, my friend, winter is coming...

  • Keep your body warm & toasty 

  • Perfect for everyone, for every occasion
  • Ultra lightweight & fashionable design 

  • Provides instant, long-lasting & adjustable warmth

"A great vest to warm you on a cool evening. If you live in regions where cold weather is almost always, then this vest is necessary for you. You will not need to wear several sweaters. It is enough to wear this vest, sweater and you can be calm for your comfort. The vest has several heating options. It does not overheat, does not cause discomfort from temperature. During use, no problems were found. The vest has a convenient pocket for the charger. Very pleased that the vest can be washed!" 

S. L. Bradley - Hudson, ME - ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️

Rated by 4.9/5 by 1329 Happy Customers 


  • Keep your body warm & toasty

  • Perfect for everyone, for every occasion

  • Ultra lightweight and fashionable design 

  • Instant, long-lasting, adjustable warmth

Keep your body warm and Toasty throughout winter

Winter isn’t easy. Preparing for work means piling on layers of clothing, commutes can be bitterly cold, and outdoor adventures often feel impossible. But the latest and greatest in outerwear technology is changing all of that.

TheHelios heated vests are suitable for all types of weather, situations and conditions. They are rechargeable heated clothing which can be turned on and off with the push of a button. This means that you can use them as a regular vest but when the weather turns out to be worse than expected you can crank up the heat and enjoy warmth to your body’s core. 

Perfect for everyone and every occasion

Are you an obsessed biker or a hardcore cyclist? Do you want to make your daily commute to work this winter less unpleasantly freezing? Or just want to be at your absolute warmness in the upcoming cold season? 

The Helios heated vest is designed for all ages and genders. Certainly everyone has been in the situation of being surprised by the cold weather which often times destroys much if not all of the excitement. With Helios heated vest, you will have one more tool to combat the unexpectedly cold moments.

Wear it anywhere: working, playing, traveling, exercising, driving, walking, running, hiking, gardening. Your imagination is the limit.


Thanks to our latest heating technology, Helios Heated Vest can provide instant heat with the push of a button. You can enjoy up to 12 hours of heat on a single charge. 

The 3 different heating options allow you to regulate the temperature output for your desired thermal comfort. 

• For sub-zero weather (temperatures as low as -10°F / -23°C), use HIGH mode to stay nice and toasty for more than 4 hours *.

• When the weather dips below freezing (15°F / -9°C), switch to MEDIUM mode and stay warm for up to 8 hours *.

• For near-freezing weather (38°F / 3°C), activate LOW mode to keep things warm for up to 12 hours *. 

*Powered by any 5V/2.1A 10000 mAh power bank (not included).

Ultra light-weight and Fashionable design

Built with high-quality down cotton and a polyester shell so you can enjoy FULL insulation without the extra weight and bulk that you get from a traditional jacket. The vest is even lightweight enough to wear under a jacket for those extremely cold days!

It's made to keep you warm, but it also does look good and doesn’t give off the impression that there’s a battery in it.

"I purchased the Helios vest three years ago and it's still in great shape. I use this vest for late fall/early spring "cooler" Vermont weather golf. (If the course is not snow covered, we play) It allows me to golf in comfort without having to bulk up with several layers. When ski season arrives, it's a staple in my bag. Warmth provided by the different power levels is a huge plus in reducing the layers necessary to survive the day in comfort. Having a extra battery like the VB767 will get you thru the day with the added convenience of remote control. During the winter I pretty must have this vest on every time I leave the house. It's very comfortable even if you don't need to turn the heat system on. If you like being outdoors and enjoy winter, this vest is a must."

 - Sharon Patterson, US

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WHY CHOOSe The Helios. Heated Vest?

  • Ultra lightweight: Although the Helios. heated vest weights only 400 gram, even less than your cellphone, it is still able to keep the heat in efficiently.

  • Washer & dryer safe: the Helios. heated vests are 100% machine washable— as long as you remove the battery before washing. Very easy.

  • Tear resistant & scratch resistant: Thanks to the customized ripstop nylon shell, the Helios. heated vests are 100% tear resistant and scratch resistant.

  • Wind-proof & water-proof: The exterior of each Helios. heated vest is specially treated with DWR, or durable water repellent—all without sacrificing the nylon shell’s natural breathability, which in turn prevents you from getting wet as well as getting cold when traveling or participating in any outdoor activity like hiking, skiing, cycling or fishing.

  • New Rapid Heating Technology:The Helios. heated vest covers 4 heating areas, not only warming your stomach, back, hot carbon fiber even extends to the neck, you don't even need to spend extra money to buy a scarf.

  • Versatile: 3 different heating options allow you to adjust temperature with just the push of a button.




"Was debating what to buy for my husband. Wanted to get him something he will think of me... he works as outside (it’s only fall but this year it’s so cold! Can’t imagine winter days!) was thinking of buying a winter jacket but he already has some.. and come across this heated vest! I was so amazed with it! And when it came I was even more impressed that it actually works (I had to try it if actually works before I gifted it, i charged it, as it says on the jacket pocket.. it works so good!) My husband was so delighted!! He uses it right now in the morning while it’s really cold. And he says he will definitely be warm this winter. Rating this gearing vest 1-10 we give it a 10!"

- Mary, NJ, US

"Perfect fit, very warm heated vest"

"Although i only used this vest for the 1st time today, i am writing a 5 ☆ review based on: the heat settings are noticeably different, the placement of heating elements is where i prefer them versus other models sold elsewhere, the 3 hours battery life for High was spot on (i bought the $30 power bank shown in "thank you page" after purchasing this vest), easy enough to use, seams seem stitched well, the pockets are zippered + allow my hands to rest comfortably, + constant compliments by friends + strangers on a busy Saturday night on the vest's look + fit (mind you, this is a fancy, high tech gadget for here in the rural Smoky Mtns lol but true). As a Trekkie myself, the placement of its power button gives me some inner glee. I did NOT realize the button stayed lit the entire time during use - a highly noticed-by-others feature. The neck element is my fav for 2 reasons- that is where i tense up so the heat greatly helps soothe my muscles and also i anticipate will be of help on my migraine days. One suggestion to ALL designers of infrared vests - please put an inside pocket adjacent to the battery pocket. This pocket could hold a cell phone which would help "balance" the vest. The weight of the battery makes me feel like i am tilting (or worse, that my left boob is drooping!) Its just an odd feeling to me, i am hoping i get used to that area bring weighted.."

- Jennifer Valerie, TX


"WOW! It's a super vest! The heat is noted instantly! I'm very happy! Arrived very quickly too! If you're suffering from cold body temp as I do, this is a MUST HAVE ITEM in your wardrobe."

- Valentina, Boise Rivers, ID


"It was around 50 for the last couple days and it was perfect time I tried on this jacket. It's working really well.

The good:

- Well fit. I got an L size and it fit me perfectly.

- The heating function works well. I used the lowest setting and it worked perfectly.

- Waterproof, which is important for trip.

- Versatile, the jacket will work for a wide range of temperature.

- Very reasonable priced.

Other thoughts:

Some of my large power bank doesn't fit the jacket."

- Faye T., Boise Rivers, ID


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