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The Cat Stress Ball


Looking for the best way to relieve stress and anxiety?

Meet your newest squishy and hilarious cat-shaped fidgets toy - The Cat Stress Ball. It's so fun squishing it and having the cat's tail burst outward.

These unique stress balls help alleviate stress and anxiety in children and adults. Enjoyable relaxation aid, they can help people with autism and ADHD.

It is also good for strengthening hand, wrist forearm muscles, and is ideal for rehabilitation and physical therapy.


- Lightweight, durable, strong elastic, and never pop out even when being squeezed repeatedly!

- It also fits perfectly into any bag and provides an enjoyable relaxation aid anywhere such as home, classroom, office, subway, etc.

- Fun popping tail when you squeeze it hard

-A great gift for children, adults, your friends, families, etc.

Package Contain:

- 1x Cat Stress Ball