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Kiddo Clipper


Let Kids Take Care Of Their Nails.

Imagine, it’s Wednesday evening, you feel exhausted and all you need is a rest. But then, you notice your kid’s nails, and wonder why it’s growing so fast. It feels like yesterday when you just cut their nails.

Of course, you don’t want the nails to get too long because it can make your kids hurt. Now it’s time for you to cut their nails. If you feel so lazy that day, try giving them the Kiddo Clipper and letting kids take care of their nails.


No Clipper Safer Than Kiddo Clipper: Unlike a normal clipper that uses blades for cutting. There’s no sharp blade on Kiddo Clipper. The trimming head is designed for a safer, more gentle and quiet trimming.

Easy To Use:  The smart design of Kiddo Clipper makes it super user-friendly for both kids and parents. Just press the button and start trimming. You can even teach your kids how to use it and let them do it themselves.

Multi-function Tool:  No filing nails needed after cutting, with the Kiddo Clipper, you can cut and file nails at the same time. Saving you and your kids even more time.

Special Design: Kiddo Clipper expertly designed for kids that have a fear of normal clippers. With the gentle and quiet trimming, your kids would love it. No more tears from the kids’ eyes when using Kiddo Clipper.

LED Light: Kids don’t want you to trim their nails? Don’t worry, we have it all backup. The LED light attached to Kiddo Clipper helps you trim their nail in the dark. Just wait for them to go to bed and start trimming. After a good night’s sleep, your kids will wake up with beautiful trimmed nails.

“You’re welcome, kids” you might say.

Nail Mess Storage: with normal clippers, you cut, file nails and then, you clean up the nail mess. But with Kiddo Clipper, you just need to trim and Kiddo Clipper takes care of the rest. The mess storage makes it so easy to clean and you don’t have to do it every time you trim. Just open the storage and clean it up after 5-10 times of usage.


  • Material: ABS;
  • Size: 6.7 x 8.5 x 2.5 inches.
  • Battery: 2 AA Batteries ( not included )

Package Include:

  • 1 x Kiddo Clipper


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